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Customised, tiered and streamlined - these are the hallmarks of a successful B2B eCommerce experience. But how can your business achieve all three? That’s where Codal comes in. Our best-in-class solutions are designed to transform and migrate your B2B operations online, so you can optimise your digital ecosystem and outshine your competition.

Customisation and Personalisation

Codal ensures a unique B2B customer experience through innovative customisation and personalisation features, providing tailored solutions that meet specific needs.

Tiered Pricing and Quoting

Negotiating prices and terms is common in B2B transactions. Facilitating online replication of these complex processes enhances the B2B customer experience while optimizing profitability.

Order Fulfilment

Large, varied orders are a staple of the B2B landscape, posing a challenge for efficient order fulfillment. Streamline your processes to make it easy for your business to manage online inventory and fill orders with speed and ease.

Secure Payment and Invoicing

In the B2B landscape, payment terms, invoicing, and credit checks are standard procedures. Adapt these processes securely to the online environment with peace of mind.

Split shipping for corporate and gift orders.

Corporate orders and gifting are common in the B2B landscape, posing logistical challenges for shipping. Efficient design and development of split shipping features make it easy for customers to order in bulk and ship to multiple locations, simplifying corporate orders and gifting.


Facilitating global trade with multiple markets, price books, currencies, fulfillment, language, and marketing capabilities.

Dedicated B2B team for efficient CRO management

We function as an extension of your team, driving strategic optimisation and propelling your digital landscapes forward, allowing you to concentrate on your business.
Comprehensive analysis and research to comprehend your business and user objectives;
Prioritised optimisation roadmap for iterative testing and continuous experimentation;
Regular reporting to guide strategies and ensure optimal performance throughout your business.
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Achieving success through tangible results

We comprehend the challenges confronting the B2B landscape, and our commitment is to deliver concrete results. Through our partnership, anticipate:
Enhanced usability for your customers translating to increased sales for your business;
Elevated brand awareness and strengthened customer loyalty;
Data-driven insights applicable for both digital and business optimisation.
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